The 21st of October 2020 marked the Warriors Academy Gap Year and MAI (Multi-Activity Instructor) graduation. Family, friends and the Warriors came together to reminisce on the past year, what has changed and hopes for the future.

2020 has been a challenging year for many, and our Warriors are no exception. Covid-19 may have thrown a spanner in the works, but the Warriors GAP Year and MAI program went ahead with business as usual with a few tweaks and changes. In true Warriors style, everyone adapted and powered through.

What did the Gap Year entail? The students experienced everything from skydiving, water rafting on the Orange River, jumping off 20m high waterfalls, mountain biking, hiking along the wild coast and the mini Drakensburg traverse, bungee jumping, getting up close and personal with animals. The list of adventures goes on.

The Warriors not only got to experience physical adrenaline-fueled activities but were also taught about body and mind connection and how to handle and control their emotions effectively. This was done through self-mastery workshops, TRE (Trauma Release Therapy), Body Talk, rebound and lymphology and more. On top of this, the students completed public speaking and personal branding courses, were taught needlework, gardening, how to cook, gave back through community service and completed a first aid course.

“At Warriors, we equip our Gap Year students with the skills needed to take on the next part of their lives, whether that is going on to study or going straight into work. There is a real need for these types of skills, which aren’t being taught at schools,” says Rowena Viljoen, Program Director at the Warriors Academy.

The graduation dinner was a time to celebrate all the above achievements and to talk about their experience. What was echoed by each student was that being part of the Warriors Gap Year was a privilege and something that will stay with them forever. Many said that at the beginning of the program they did not know what they were capable of and now they are leaving with a sense of self-belief, confidence and self-esteem needed to tackle their next challenge, whatever it may be.

“We are so proud of how far this group of young people have come. We have watched them mature, grow and turn into confident adults who know that they can achieve all that they want to. As we set these Warriors out into the world, we know they are destined for success,” concludes Viljoen.

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