Last week was a nerve-wracking week for many students across South Africa as the long awaited final year results were released. With the release of these marks, there were many celebrations but also a few disappointments. The Warriors Academy, an international Gap year provider, believes that one set of school marks should not define you or your future. Rudi Viljoen, the founder of the academy, explains this in more detail below.

Over the last week, we have had a number of calls from concerned parents and students regarding final year marks being lower than expected, impacting university and college studies. The honest truth is that you shouldn’t let these marks define your children’s lives. They are one set of marks over a 12 year period of learning. It also doesn’t mean they aren’t going to find their passions or be successful. Their path towards this might just look a little different from others.

You also need to consider that school and the structure of exams doesn’t necessarily fit with many students’ learning styles, as it does not cater to every student’s learning ability, needs, and passions. This also means that many students may not have direction or know what they want to do after school, and that is ok. It’s a big decision to choose something to do for the rest of your life and it should be looked at as an opportunity instead of a challenge.

Many parents are now asking the question, “what now?”. One of the answers to this question is a structured Gap Year experience. A well-structured gap year program is an opportunity for a young person to learn more about themselves, gain confidence, step out of their comfort zone and ultimately help them find their path, discover their passions, both personally and professionally. 

Why a structured program? A structured program, like the ones run by the Warriors Academy, is not a holiday. It is challenging, invigorating and is centred around personal growth and development. This program has been specifically designed to assist students in building self-confidence, emotional fitness and independence. It incorporates career guidance and life coaching with experiential learning activities in the great outdoors. A gap year experience will allow for some breathing room and often awaken a new path.

When structured towards personal growth and development, a gap year can also prove to be incredibly beneficial in equipping students with the skills needed to succeed in university and their careers. It helps in developing a student’s emotional maturity, problem-solving abilities, self-efficacy, responsibility and accountability.

If you are sitting in a position where things haven’t worked out due to your final year results, take a deep breath, there are other options available. The year is not over, in fact, it has just begun as our 7- week Autumn Quest, which forms part of our gap year program, starts on the 10th of April.

What can you expect to experience on the Autumn Quest? Well, adventure is at the core of our experiential learning activities, and this quest is action-packed! It also involves several workshops aimed at equipping students with professional and personal skills. These activities include:

  • Horse riding
  • Scuba diving
  • Fire-walking
  • Kloofing expedition
  • Rebounding and lymphology
  • Caving
  • Cooking Course
  • Tower Cycle expedition
  • Leadership and followership workshops
  • Introduction to event planning and project management
  • Strategic thinking course
  • And the list goes on

*All course activities will be dependent on COVID-19 regulations as well as the weather

So if you are concerned about what to do this year, consider taking a gap year to find your passions and look at the different options available. Remember that these marks are not the be-all and end-all of everything, and you shouldn’t let these define what you can and what you cannot achieve!

For more information on the Autumn Quest and to book your spot, contact Rowena via email: 

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