If adventure, personal growth and development are what you are looking for, look no further than our 7-week Autumn Quest.

Join our current Warriors on the adventure of a lifetime, exploring some of South Africa’s hidden and untouched gems. Let us help you get out of your comfort zone, experience something new and challenge yourself like never before.

Autumn Quest Activities:

  • Horse riding
  • Scuba diving
  • Fire-walking
  • Kloofing expedition
  • Rebounding and lymphology
  • Caving
  • Kruger Park Hike
  • Cooking Course
  • Cycle race
  • Leadership and followership workshops
  • Introduction to event planning and project management
  • Strategic thinking course
  • And the list goes on

*All course activities will be dependent on COVID-19 regulations as well as the weather

So, if your plans haven’t worked out, or you aren’t sure what to study or what your next move is, why not come and spend some time finding more about who you are and what your passions are with the Warriors Academy. Let us ignite the adventure and passion within you and help you make memories to last a lifetime.

As an organisation, we are incredibly proud to say that we have been able to safely run our full program throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The health of our Warriors and team are at the forefront of everything that we do here at the Warriors Academy and we remain committed to keeping everyone safe.

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