The Drakensberg Grand Traverse hikeis an experience that I will never forget and it is a story that I will tell many times.

When we started in the mist, I quickly realised that this trek will be like no other, I was still feeling fresh but halfway through the first day I could feel that my ankles would give me some problems along the way but I didn’t pay too much attention to it.

We had to set up our tents just before the mist rolled in, after we set up camp we tucked into our meals for the night and discussed the day and what the next 8 days would look like.

We started the first few mornings at 4am just before the sun lit up the moonless sky. We would walk till sunrise, have breakfast then March on and till lunch time and then have the final push after lunch to the camp for the night but we soon learnt that we would have to change the strategy.

We decided to leave at 3am, have a minimum 10 km of night nav and then have breakfast which we made shorter so we could utilise the time we had to cover more distance and then after lunch we would go on a bit more and set up camp earlier. This worked really well but waking up at 2 in the morning wasn’t fun and I felt it towards the end of the day.

After the breakfast on day 5 something in me changed I suddenly realised that I can do this, even with the injuries. On the last day on the way down it hit me that I would be leaving a place where I spent 9 long days exploring and I realised that there is a lot more to experience in the berg.

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  1. I’m so proud of the MAIs and Warrior leadership.

    You’ve done so much more than conquer a mountain – each of you dug deep and found inner strength you never knew you had.

    Stephen – I’m so proud of your achievement and success at Warriors. You’re an example of how a tall matriculant left the safety of an academic/boarding school environment and have literally spread your wings.

    Congratulations your DGT success and what your future holds.

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