Why take a Gap Year?

Young people of today often deal with many different elements that leave them with no direction and a feeling of being unsure of what their next steps are. Our Warriors Academy, Gap Year experience, addresses this and provides students with a once in a lifetime experience to step out of their comfort zones and safely explore the world around them.

Our program is centred around helping students gain the independence, emotional fitness and self-confidence needed to follow their passions and be successful. We utilise adventure, personal coaching, mentoring and the outdoors to make this all possible.

To us,a gap year is an investment in a person’s future. A well-structured gap year program is an opportunity for a person to learn more about themselves, gain confidence, step out of their comfort zone and ultimately help them find their path, both personally and professionally. 

Why Choose the Warriors Academy?

The Warriors Academy program is accredited by the International Gap Year Association. The Academy has had over 450 gap year students, 4000 school learners and 800 corporates come through our different programs over the past 19 years.

We focus on health, happiness and taking responsibility for your emotions and actions. Many students who come through our program have struggled with low self-esteem, anxiety, no direction and more, and as a team, we work hard to bring them out of their shells and explore their potential.

Our program is highly structured with little downtime. We are always on the move. As a team, we aim to provide students with a safe, free and loving environment that encourages them to rise to every challenge, no matter how difficult it may be.

How Is Our Program Structured?

Our Gap Year program is structured to include four 7-week seasonal Quests. Each Quest has its own set of adventure activities, soft skill workshops and personal mentoring sessions. These focus on equipping young adults with emotional intelligence, time, stress and conflict management, leadership, teamwork, problem-solving skills, and so much more.

Students can take part in any number of Quests depending on their schedules or studies. This provides more flexibility and allows those who cannot take a full gap year to still have an experience over a shorter period of time. 

Take a look at the breakdown of activities per Quest here: https://www.warriors.co.za/Gap-Year-Program-Adventure

2022 Dates:

Summer         19 February – 8 April

Autumn          23 April – 10 June

Winter            25 June – 12 August

Spring            27 August – 14 October 

For more information on the Warriors Academy Gap Year, please visit www.warriors.co.za or email Rowena Viljoen, Warriors Academy Program Director, on rowena@warriors.co.za.

What does a Warriors Academy Gap Year look Like?

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