The Self-Mastery Workshop

The Self-Mastery Workshop has been specifically designed to help people to develop a powerful sense of awareness of how they can influence the outcomes of their life.

In short, this workshop is focused on coaching you to become mindful  and will give you the tools to develop your relationships and the outcomes of your decisions. It will look at your style, your use of language, and how to get the results you want by providing you with tools to communicate and understand. 

The framework of this workshop is based on ontological coaching, which will help equip you with effective tools for making all relationships work. The techniques taught will allow you to break through to new levels of self-awareness, effectiveness and self-expression. 

This workshop will help you to:  

  • Communicate effectively
  • Listen out for the value in what others say
  • See rules and agreements as a way to create harmony
  • Deal effectively with pressure and stress 
  • Be responsible and accountable in a way that empowers yourself and others
  • Define values, build self-esteem and self-worth
  • Become a mindful leader  

This 6-day retreat-style workshop will take you out of your comfort zone. It is facilitated by Rudi Viljoen, human behaviour specialist, coach, speaker, conservationist adventurer and entrepreneur. You can expect to have honest and open discussions, have a more in-depth look at yourself, experience a digital and physical detox and get a new perspective on your potential.

Download the Self-Mastery Prospectus Document here.

Cost: R15 000.00 (Inclusive of accommodation, food and all workshop materials)

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